European Pharmaceutical Students' Association

European Pharmaceutical Students' Association, is a nonprofit, non-governmental, non-political and non-religious association representing students studying pharmacy from about 37 student organizations and 30 countries.


The main objective is to to promote the ideas and opinions of all pharmacy students in Europe, to improve education and scientific progress regarding pharmacies.


EPSA is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, in PGEU office. The highest decision-making body is the General Assembly (GA), which includes all official delegates of the various member countries. EPSA also has a board elected once a year by the GA. One EPSA delegate is represented in SNAPS, called Liaison Secretary (LS), which acts as the link between EPSA and Sweden. The main task is to sit with the GA meetings as the official representative of Sweden. Other tasks are to keep in touch with Europe's other LS and work on various projects within the organization.

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