International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation

International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation is a student organization that works to form a strong relation between students studying pharmacy around the world. Students from different countries meet during IPSF events to discuss the quality of the education while getting to know one another.


The biggest IPSF event is the annual congrees where all the member states are invited. It is an opportunity for hundreds of pharmacy students to meet an have fun. For ten days you can attend lectures, seminars and workshops to get a deeper understanding of the pharmaceutical profession.


IPSF also arranges different campaigns to raise social awareness about e.g. HIV/AIDS, tobacco, tuberculosis, counterfeit drugs, diabetes and healthy living. You can find more information about the health campaigns on the IPSF website or send an email to our IPSF contact person.

Student Exchange programme

If you are interested in getting work experience abroad, IPSF also has several opportunities for exchange programmes. SEP can offer work experience in many different areas such as hospitals, pharmacies and pharmaceutical industry. If this sounds intresting please don´t hesitate to contact our SEO for more information!